Our partners


AURIVA is a cooperative group which aims to bring customized genetics and services to each breeder. Alone or with its partners, AURIVA-Elevage manages 16 breeding programs in bovine and goat breeds, on 32 counties, from the Pyrenees to the Alpes and gathers 10 member cooperatives. AURIVA-Elevage's ambition is to push forward the breeding activity and to contribute to the future of agriculture.


BGS (Brune Genetique Services), is the French BROWN SWISS and JERSEY breeding organization. Our mission is to promote these two breeds, to set breeding goals and to advise our breeders. For the BROWN SWISS breed, we lead the genomic breeding program to deliver the most competitive Brown Swiss genetics to the international stage.


Capgenes is the only French firm managing goats' genetics. Our mission and vision are defining breed selection plan objectives, leading progeny-testing programmes, project management, and giving national voice to breed improvement through genetics.

Charolais Univers

CHAROLAIS UNIVERS is a union of French cooperatives, resulting of the will of the breeders to work together in making the Charolais of today and tomorrow, perfectly suitable to the worldwide market's needs.


CREALIM federates the most important French cooperatives interested in the Limousin breed. It is responsible for the selection of bulls available by insemination worldwide. It provides all the guarantees of a quality evaluated on progeny according to rigorous protocols.


N°1 in France, n°2 in Europe and n°6 in the world for animal genetics, EVOLUTION is a cooperative located in the west of France. The Cooperative's aim is to guide and support farmers to contribute, together, to nutritional and environmental challenges at worldwide level and to ensure the continued existence of the enterprise and livestock farms for future generation.


Located in the area of origin of the breed, UALC is the cooperative group in charge of the selection of salers AI bulls. Its know-how is based on the skills of its technicians and member breeders.