VERONA SHOW - European Championship Brown Swiss February 1st 2020

On Saturday February 1st, the European Brown Swiss Championship took place in Verona.
Also together on the same day was the Italian National Brown Swiss show.
Teams of cows from France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy competed for the European titles.
10 cows from France were brought to the show and also a group of 25 French Farmers made a tour visiting farms and then eventually arriving at the show.

The stand of EVOLUTION International and BGS (the French Brown Swiss society and breeding program) was very well attended with lots of interest especially in the number one bull O MALLEY  who is being used on many top farms in Italy and other European countries for top cows and also as a bull father. In addition there was much discussion about the new BGS bull Optimal, who is top for index and available in April.  The mother of Optimal, Mana, was present at the show as part of the French team, showing that type and index can go together making OPTIMAL a very exciting proposition!

The French team really impressed with 2nd Lactation cow, ‘Manathan’, half sister of our French bull HARMONICA, winning her class and also judged Best Udder. Other individuals who impressed included ‘Mana’  mother of OPTIMAL and certainly one of the stars of the show was ‘Douane’, who finished second in the class for cows producing over 2,000 kg protein in their lifetime. Douane is from ‘Genetic Passion’ farm and the family that has produced top AI bulls. She is the grand mother of LOGO GP, LION GP and MAESTRO GP as well as being great grand dam of NICE GP. She was born in 2008 and one year older than any other animal at the show yet still managed 2nd in the class. Amazing!