EVOLUTION genetics efficiency, to improve your herd’s performance

Because each herd is specific, EVOLUTION proposes you a genetic offer adapted to your objectives which respects this diversity, while combining excellence and reliability. You thus benefit from the best EVOLUTION sires to enhance your breeding system, and obtain the optimum from your animals!

For that, we develop a genetic based on three performance pillars: diversity, excellence, reliability.

December 2019: EVOLUTION genetics efficiency gets stronger with the arrival of 4 innovations.
From the EVOLUTION teams and funded by the cooperative, these 4 innovations are part of a movement towards precision genetics: a genetic that improves the efficiency of your breeding, by an ever more precise adaptation to your system.
The coordinated publication of these 4 innovations will allow everyone to choose from the solutions that best suit them to improve their own system efficiency!

Here download :

  • #1 Hoof Health (RLI - RLNI)
  • #2 Gestation Length (GL)
  • #3 Homogeneity of Descendants (HD+)
  • #4 Feed Efficiency (FE)

For more information, see our page "Our innovations".