Eurotier 2018 - a great podium for EVOLUTION in Germany!

Last week the members of EVOLUTION Deutschland and - International where present in Hannover during the Eurotier exhibition. For the first time a combination booth with both subsidiaries / companies.
The colorful booth – EVOLUTIONs green and purple – attracted a lot of visitors from Germany and many other countries across the world. On top of that EVOLUTION presented two INRA 95 x Holstein crossbreeding calves. 
INRA 95 was launched around a year ago in Germany and the first born calves were presented in the booth. 
The general comment was that INRA 95 is really something new and of high added value to the crossbreeding market! Better fertility, easier calving and more vital calves on top of the competitive growth and meat quality. 
For sure this presentation will contribute to a higher usage of INRA 95 in Germany but also in surrounding countries.

We would like to thank the breeders who delivered the superb calves for this promotion of INRA 95 in Germany. The RUW / Qnetics young breeders team who took care of the calves during the nights deserve a big compliment as well! 
Last but not least, of course all the visitors to our booth! It has been a great event and we look forward to the 2020 edition!