Bulls studs


Leader for cattle genetics, EVOLUTION International has 8 bull semen production centres in France for a global production of 9 million doses of semen each year.

600 bulls are kept in those studs: 450 in the production center and 150 young bulls in quarantine.

EVOLUTION owns 2 bulls studs in the North west of France, where 75% of the bulls admitted are Holstein bulls; some of them have an ISU superior to 200 points and represent the very best of cattle genetics at the moment.

The quality of the bulls admitted requires strict attention to detail at all times, in particular with regard to health safety. Whether it is the health of the bulls, the hygienic conditions surrounding the semen or traceability, all the stages are controlled. The rules of procedure go beyond the compulsory constraints imposed by legislation.

To anticipate demand, in 2012, EVOLUTION International established one of the only two laboratories for sexed semen in France. It is now the biggest sexing lab in Europe with 15 sexing machines! It produces straws containing male or female semen, enabling breeders to choose the sex of their future calves.

This is a strategy that pays, since the use of sexed semen is in full expansion. In 2020, 400.000 sexed doses were produced. Built in 2009, the Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier bull semen production centre is a top notch tool that routinely functions with 200 bulls.